Her family consists of her parents and a brother. Jagriti’s father SC Awasthi is a homeopath by profession. While her mother was a school teacher, she left her job to help Jagriti’s studies. Jagriti also has a brother who is doing MBBS.

When She left engineering to become an IAS, her parents also left a lot behind. When the mother left the teacher’s job to help her daughter, the TV was not even turned on at home for four years.

All these sacrifices kept inspiring Jagriti to move forward. In the first attempt, Jagriti could not even clear the prelims but she determined and became the topper in the second attempt.

She said that any person can complete the syllabus in a year if he/she is 100% dedicated to it. Eight to nine hours of regular study a day is enough to cover the syllabus. If you are working then you should dedicate at least four to five hours a day.

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According to Jagriti Awasthi, it is necessary to take at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep. ‘Everyone should always keep a bedtime in their timetable.

Seven hours of sleep every day played an important role in my success. Many people increase their sleep hours and hardly sleep due to a lack of proper rest for their brain. Only if you sleep well can you prepare better,’ suggests Jagriti Awasthi.

Jagriti Awasthi Biography

She was born in the year 1997 in Bhopal. She completed her elementary education in Bhopal itself. And for secondary education, she enrolled in Maharishi Vidya Mandir. After completing her 12th here, she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology. Jagriti has been a promising student since the very beginning. And always used to come first in her class.

Civil service exam preparation

We have mentioned above that she has been a promising student since childhood. After completing her engineering, She also did a job in BHEL as a Technician. And while doing the job, she started preparing for IAS, but due to the job, she could not prepare well, due to which she spread in the first attempt of IAS.

But She did not give up and left his job to fulfill her dream of becoming an IAS and devoted full attention to preparation. When asked why did you leave the job, she says –

I had heard since childhood that your collector is a very big post, but I did not know what examination we have to give for this, slowly when we grew up, I came to know that for this we have to pass the civil service examination. Then I also thought that I will also prepare for this exam but I wanted that when I prepare for civil service then all the burden should not fall on my family, so I initially thought of doing a job but when I felt that it was good. If you have to prepare properly, then you have to concentrate on studies, so I left my job here.


Let’s talk about Jagriti Awasthi Marksheet and Total Marks

The way she had prepared for the Civil Services Exam, her marks were justified. She got a total of 1052 marks. The detailed Marksheet Of Jagriti Awasthi is mentioned below.

Jagriti Awasthi marksheet Of UPSC Exam

1)Essay (Paper 1)=132

Jagriti Awasthi  IAS General studies paper Mark’s:

1)General Studies – I  =110

2)General Studies – II  =121

3)General Studies – III  =105

4)General Studies – IV  =107

Jagriti Awasthi IAS Optional paper:

Optional – 1 (sociology 6 )=138

Optional – 2 (sociology 7)=146

Written total = 859

Personality( interview)test =193

Jagriti Awasthi IAS (Total) = 1052

According to the above marksheet 

In the Essay papers, Jagriti Awasthi got 132 marks secured marks out of 250 marks.

In the general studies paper, Jagriti got a very impressive score which is

1) General studies paper I Jagruti got 110 = Marks out of 250.

2)General studies II Jagruti got = 121 out of 250.

3)General studies paper III Jagruti got = 105  marks out of 250.

4)General studies paper IV Jagruti Awasthi got =107  marks out of 250.

Jagruti Awasthi took Sociology subjects as optional subjects.

Jagruti Awasthi got following Mark’s in the optional subject

Sociology 1= 138 out of 250.

Sociology 2= 146 out of 250.

What is the qualification of Jagriti Awasthi?

She is an IAS as well as an engineer. She has obtained a Bachelor of Engineering qualification from Maulana Azad Institute of Technology. And now she has emerged as a topper in the Civil Services Exam 2020.

For how many hours did Jagriti Awasthi study?

When she was interviewed, she told that initially, she studied for 7 to 8 hours a day, but when the exam started coming near, she increased this time to 9 to 10 hours. And when the Civil Services exam was closed for 2 months, she increased this time from 14 to 15 hours.

Which coaching did Jagriti Awasthi join?

When she was preparing for the civil service exam, it was time for C*vid 19, at that time all offline coaching was closed or very little coaching was going on, so she completed her coaching from the online unacademy platform. The optional subject of awakening was sociology.

What is the optional subject of Jagriti Awasthi?

Her optional subject for the Civil Services Exam was Sociology. She worked very hard for her civil service exam as well as her parents also supported him a lot, she did not even turn on the television in his house for about 4 years and if he wants to talk on the phone, then they leaves the house. Used to talk.

Jagrati Awasthi strategy

Jagriti Awasthi book list

Jagriti Awasthi IAS age


Friends, I have given you complete information about Jagrut Awasthi Marksheet. And also a lot has been written about her life. If you also like such posts, then you stay connected to our website, we are going to update this post even more.

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