About Krazy Castle Aqua Park

The way the weather is in the present time, the sun is shining and the weather is so pleasant, one thing definitely comes to mind that one should go for a picnic somewhere. But you also have to think about where to go. And that’s why you came to this post. If you are in Nagpur, then I will tell you about a great place for a picnic, so that you will not need to travel far from your city and your expenses will also be saved a lot.

In this post, I am going to give you complete information about Krazy Castle Aqua Park. It is an aqua park located in Subhash Nagar opposite Ambazari Lake, about 6 km from the city in the western direction of Nagpur.

Krazy Castle Aqua Park is a very entertaining water-based theme park located right opposite Ambazari Lake. And the best thing is that to come here, the people of Nagpur do not have to put on any special day or special bus or car, whenever you want, you come here to roam. It is easily accessible from all parts of the city.

crazy castle Nagpur park has been made in the shape of a palace where many waterfalls have also been built and a globe-shaped fountain has also been made at its entrance which looks very attractive. It is well equipped to cater to different segments of the demographics. It has 50 rides like sky copter, breakdancer, bull ride, etc.

There are many slides in this park for having fun, splash pool, fun-splash, etc. Other engaging activities include surfing, water bungee, high fall, ocean bump ride, and swimming for kids.

Crazy Water Amusement park in Nagpur

Once you reach the entrance of the water park, you are greeted by a giant face and you have to walk on a palm to enter this water park. After coming here, many fun things have been made available for you like Zoom Tower, Splash Tower, Water Pool, Lazy Crazy River, and Pendulum Slide. There are many more attractions like rain dance and sea waves which are very much liked by the youth.

The staff at Krazy Castle Aqua Park are quite friendly and are on hand to provide adequate security to visitors. At a very nominal cost, they provide swimsuits and towels as well as lockers. However, it is not mandatory and you can carry your own clothes instead.

The architecture of Krazy Castle Aqua Park

This amusement-cum-water park has been designed by renowned architect Mr. Nitesh Roy (who is the designer of Ramoji Film City). The park is jointly owned by M/s Haldiram Foods International Limited and Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT).

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Dwarka Water Park Nagpur Overview

This beautiful picnic spot is also known as Crazy Castle Water park and Crazy Land Amusement Park. It is spread over an area of ​​70 thousand square feet, which is the perfect location to be the most ambitious family park in central India.

Interesting facts about Krazy Castle Aqua Park

  • The main attractions of the water park are the zoom tower, splash tower, lazy mad river, wave pool, and pendulum slide.
  • Crazy Castle Aqua Park’s amusement park has a wide variety of games designed for kids and adults alike, with a variety of rides and games for kids to have fun with.
  • Some recreational cars are fast cars for kids with lots of electronic games like video games, basketball, etc.
  • Bull Ride and Columbus Ride swing up and down with a seating capacity of 50 to 60 people. whoever
  • Within Crazy Castle Aqua Park, there are two restaurants, namely the Cleopatra – Ship Restaurant and the great Banyan Food Court.
  • The park also offers costumes and locker facilities for all age groups.

How to reach Krazy Castle Aqua Park

By Railway:- If you are from outside Nagpur City then you can come to Nagpur via train. You will then find several taxis in the station that will take you to Krazy Castle Aqua Park. Apart from this, you can also book a cab.

By Air:- Dr. BR Ambedkar Airport is the nearest airport to Crazy Castle Aqua Park, you can book a cab from here.

By Metro:- Crazy Castle Aqua Park is close to LAD College Metro Station which is at a distance of 1 km.

Nearby famous places

  1. Diksha Bhoomi 0.3 km away.
  2. Central 0.5 km away.
  3. Ramdham is 0.6 km away.
  4. Shree Ganesh Mandir Tekdi 2.4 km away.
  5. Zero Mile Marker 1 km away.
  6. Ramtek Fort Temple is 1.4 km away.
  7. Sai Baba Mandir 2.2 km away.
  8. Maharaj Bagh and Zoo are 1.1 km away.
  9. Telankhedi Shiva Temple is 1.3 km away.
  10. Futala Lake is 1.3 km away.

Why is Krazy Castle closed?

The park was closed in mid-2018 because the metro department of the Maharashtra government had acquired land for the construction of its viaduct. Operator Haldiram Foods was paid Rs 19 crore as compensation. The Divisional Commissioner had to fix the amount of compensation, which delayed the reopening of the amusement park.

Who owns Crazy Castle Nagpur?

Haldiram Foods International Limited
Nitish Roy (Designer of Ramoji Film City), this largest theme park is jointly owned by both M/s Haldiram Foods International Limited and Nagpur Improvement Trust. Crazy Castle Aqua Park is the most visited theme park in Central India.

Krazy Castle Aqua Park Nagpur open or closed in 2022

Location: Ambazari

Timings: April – September: 11 am to 6 pm (water park), 4 pm to 7 pm (amusement park)

October-March: 10 am to 5 pm (water park), 3 pm to 6 pm (amusement park)

Krazy castle ticket price 2022

Ticket Price: Rs 450 (Monday to Saturday), Rs 490 (Sundays, Holidays)

Krazy Castle Nagpur contact number

Last Word

So friends, in this post, we have told you a lot of information about Krazy Castle Aqua Park. Now you probably won’t have any problem going here. You just don’t have to bring your young children and elders here. The rest are just fun.