Mayank Blue Water Park Entry Fees: Friends, in today’s post, we are going to give complete information to all of you about the Mayank Blue  Park of Indore and will also tell you about this park. So that you can get complete information before going to Mayank Blue Water Park. Mayank Blue Water Park is considered to be the oldest park in Indore. In this park, not only people from Indore, but people coming from outside also have a lot of fun and frolic. Mayank Blue Park has the most famous dance floor where you too can dance with your heart drenched in water. This is known for its world-class facilities. Slider and pool party is the most famous in this park. Here is a different fun to have fun with the family.

During the summer season with the school holidays, the fun of going to the water park to get relief from this scorching sun is different. On weekends people go to the park to get relief from the fatigue and heat of the whole week. Although the park is crowded every season, if it is getting hot, people keep coming from morning till evening. In Madhya Pradesh’s first and largest water park – ‘Mayank Blue Park, located in the middle of the Mardana Indore Bypass Road, these days the residents of the city are seen having fun and playing with water. nilansh water park lucknow ticket price

Designed keeping in mind people of all ages, and every class, this water park is spread over a vast area and is one of the very popular amusement parks. This Park is very old and is no less than a paradise in the summer season. This is the best place for entertainment, fun, and relaxation. You can enjoy a variety of water slides, activity rainfall, swings, games, swimming pool, splash slides, lazy river, wave pool, aqua disco, and pedal boating with your family and friends here. A restaurant for food and drink, a hotel with excellent service, cleanliness, and minimal charges is the best place for a picnic.

Mayank Blue Water Park Address

Location: Bengali Square, Indore Bypass Road, Indore, Indore

Mayank blue water park Entry Fees & Timings

Timings 10:00 am to 05:00 pm all day in the week,

The entry fee for adults is Rs 250 and for children 150 per head.

Place Type: Water Park, Fun & Activity

Place visit with family, Friends, Couples, Kids

Phone: 078699 62330

More About Mayank Blue

Friends, you do not need any special vehicle to know there. And no need to pay more money. You’ll get a chance to have fun all over the park for just ₹250. Apart from this, if you want to eat something, then the canteen is also available here. And a DJ has also been installed to dance. 3  Pool and the fun of sliding in it is an absolutely crazy experience.

Facts About Mayank Park

1. The fun of partying here with friends in the pool and DJ is very effective.

2. A very high slide has been installed here to do adventure.

3. This is unique from the regular water park as it also has features like artificial rainforest and a waterfall.

4. The swimming pool has a changing room and you get all the facilities that you need.

5. If you are afraid of heights, then there is a wave pool or swimming pool to take away all your stress.

After Mayank Blue Water Park Entry Fees, now you also know about Indore City.

Indore is the largest city among all the cities of Madhya Pradesh. Indore is also a major industrial center of central India. Indore is also called the heart of Madhya Pradesh. With this, Indore has also got another name ‘City of Foodies’. It got this name because of the variety of delicious food here. It is also called Mini Mumbai due to its association with the lifestyle of Mumbai. The city of Indore is also the point of confluence of two rivers, the Khan River and the Saraswati River. Indore is full of museums, religious places, and beautiful palaces. Indore is the perfect place to visit for history, adventure, and nature lovers.

How to reach There

By Railway:- Railway station is located at a distance of 8 km from Mayank Blue Park, from here you can take a rickshaw and go comfortably.

By Air:- The distance between an airport and Mayank Park is 16 km, from here you will easily get a cab and you can leave.

By Bus: The nearest bus to Mayank Blue Park is at a distance of 8 km. From here you can take a bus and go comfortably.

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Friends, I believe that you must have got good information about Mayank Blue Water Park along with your question about Mayank Blue Water Park Entry Fees. Now you will not have any problem knowing here.