Do you want to go to such a resort which is situated between two big cities where there is only forest all around, then Nandanvan Resort And Water Park is a very good option for you.

Nandanvan Resort And Water Park

This resort is a beautiful resort situated on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Highway, which is also equipped with a water park that makes you enjoy nature. You have also been provided with very good facilities for your stay at Nandanvan Resort Virar.

And if you want to stay for a day in a quiet place away from the city then we will tell you about all its packages below. So that you can get a good idea about this resort. And you don’t have to think much to go here.

If you go for fun with your family friend and girlfriend or boyfriend at Nandanvan Resort, then the natural view and water park here will not disappoint you in any way. The water pool and slides here will take you away from all your sorrows in your childhood.

One can enjoy exciting slides like the Wonder Pendulum slide which is (35 feet) tall and Thriller Blackhole slide which is also (35 feet) tall. Along with this, Children Water Pool has also been made for children. Their children can play their games without any rest. The elders can also enjoy Rain Dance and DJ here.

Apart from this, adventure games have been created for kids like – a kids’ water play zone, mini train, jumping pad, and a playground. No child can be sad here. Because the resort here is completely different.

Nandanvan Resort And Water Park Address

Friends Nandanvan Resort is a beautiful resort built in Palghar on the Mumbai and Ahmedabad National Road. There are many road and air facilities to come to this resort. Talking about the address of this resort –

Address: At Bhalivali, After Crossing the Tansa River Bridge and connecting flyover, N.H.8, Taluka-Vasai, Dist-Thane/Palghar, 401 305.

Nandanvan Resort Virar Contact Number

If you want to contact the resort, then facilities have also been provided for that.

Contact Numbers: 9890887387, 7057427387


Email: [email protected]

Nandanvan Resort Virar Ticket Price/ Entry Fees

Nandanvan Resort Price Per Person

Fee per person: Rs. 999/- children ( 3 feet -4 feet). + 1 buffet lunch with biscuits + swimming pool + open garden facilities subject to room availability*

Nandanvan Resort One Day Package

Non AC: 600/- per person

Timings: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm The room is subject to availability.

Nandanvan Resort Couple Packages

Timings: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, The room is subject to availability. Include: 1 Breakfast + 2 Tea or Coffee + 1 Buffet Lunch (Vegetarian or Non-Veg) + Non AC Room

Nandanvan Resort Couple Package (AC)

Fee with AC Room: 2200/- Timings: Here you will find it from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Room is subject to availability.

most frequently asked questions

What is Nandanvan Resort Entry Fee?

>One day package of Nandanvan Resort you get Rs.850, Deluxe AC room Rs.600, Non AC room Rs.1000, Non AC room Rs.600 per person, Couple package Rs.1800 for non AC, Couple Package AC Rs. 2200 Have to give

What are Nandanvan Resort’s address and contact number?

>Nandanvan Resort address is at Bhalivali, turn right under Bhalivli Flyover Metro on NH 8, Taluka, Vasai, Maharashtra 401305 and the contact number is 9890887387.

How to reach Nandanvan Resort from Virar Station?

>Nandanvan Resort is only 30 minutes away from Virar Railway Station.

How to book Nandanvan Resort online?

>You can book online from the official website of Nandanvan Resort