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 Hello friends, have you ever heard about Patil Resort, if you have not heard, then in this post we are going to tell you about Patil Resort, we will give all information about Patil resort virar entry fees, address, And contact number.

Patil Resort Virar

Patil Resort is very famous in the list of most resorts and water parks in Mumbai. Patil Resorts was started in the year 2005, since then this park has remained the favorite park of the people for 17 years till date.

Patil Resort is one of the new properties in the Virar area. It was recently renovated in 2016, adding new slides and amenities, making the resort the New Modern Resort. Featuring various swimming pools and fun slides, Patil Resort claims to keep the guest in a fun-filled manner.

Whether you are in for a short day out or maybe your weekend getaway, Patil Resort is one of the best options in Virar. Its proximity to the beach and other business areas also ensures you have places to go if you ever get tired of having fun in the resort's swimming pool. This post will explain the facilities available at Patil Resort. Along with this, the entry fee of the resort will also be told.

The resort is well served as a one-step destination for the customers of Mumbai and Palghar. And gradually this resort got a strong foothold in the business. And today he has been serving thousands of people every month. In today's time, the arrival of customers here is increasing day by day.

There are people in this resort who are very serious about their work and do their work with a full heart. That's why even today this resort has come to this point that people have started searching about it on google as well.

Patil Resort Arnala Beach is built near Virar West Palghar District Maharashtra. If you are from Mumbai then it will take you only one and a half hours to go by road. Patil Resort is surrounded by beautiful trees in the lap of nature, and you can also reach Arnala Beach and Arnala Fort by walking just 2 minutes in the vicinity.

 This resort is a quiet place away from the pollution of the city. Here you can enjoy the pure air and freshness of the countryside. On the way to Patil Resort, you will see that all the surroundings are covered with farmhouses having big farms and small children playing in the fresh air.

Patil Resort offers you a range of packages and rooms like A/C Rooms (Deluxe), “Deluxe Non-A/C Rooms”, Semi Deluxe & Dormitories with all modern amenities and ample parking space, renowned garden restaurant, extensive grounds,.

Besides the swimming pool, the trained staff also provides their best hospitality service which makes one feel like a home away from home. It has also provided recreational facilities for outdoor and indoor games along with a play area for children.

Patil is an exotic resort in Water Park and Resorts in Virar City near Mumbai. It has three big swimming pools and it always serves you food to satisfy your hunger.

We also make wedding, birthdays, and other party arrangements at our Patil Beach Resort. The heart-pounding music played by our DJs by the pool will make your feet tremble and make you swoon around the pool.

About Virar West Palghar 

Virar is a city in the Palghar district in the Indian state of Maharashtra, which is a part of Vasai-Virar city. It is a suburb of Mumbai and a station on the Mumbai Suburban Railway.

If you think that Patil Resort or Water Park is not good, then you can be wrong. Because-

With 4 large swimming pools, 16 large water and tube slides, 2 rain dance floors, a waterfall fountain, a live DJ system, and an ice bucket setup for kids, Patil Resort has everything you want to enjoy to the fullest. Take.

So you can jump, dive, jump or just swim in the pool. The fun of going down one of the sixteen thrilling water slides at full speed cannot be found anywhere else.

Dance with your friends on the rain dance floor by the pool with a live DJ playing. Stand under a waterfall fountain or ice bucket and feel the cold water completely drenching you. You can do anything because the facilities here give you a chance to do everything.

Patil Resort Virar Entry Fees

Patil Resort One Day Package

Non AC: 600/- per person Timings: 9:00 am

from 5:00 pm to 5:00 pm

The room is subject to availability.

For a fun day out, the resort has fixed entry fees for the guests. Guest types can be divided into two, namely: children and adults. Rates are more affordable for children under 10 years old. People above the age of 10 years including adults, and seniors have to pay a high entry fee to the resort.

The entry fee for children is Rs. 400 per person. This fee includes the use of the swimming pool and meals and tea in between. For adults, the entry fee is Rs. 600 per person. The fee includes the use of the swimming pool and some of the day's meals and tea.

Overnight package

Patil Resort does not offer an overnight entry fee, unlike other nearby resorts. The resort has rooms that you can rent on a per-night basis. Renting any of these rooms means you can also access the resort's swimming pool. Room rates for Patil Resort-

Semi deluxe non-ac room costing Rs. 1,500 per night. Deluxe AC room costing Rs. 1,800 per night. Super Deluxe AC Rooms are priced at Rs. 2,100 per night. With these rates, you can access various swimming pools and an overnight stay at the resort.

Common room: Rs. 800/-

one day package

Deluxe AC Room: 1500/-

Non AC Hall: 1000/-

Deluxe Non AC Room: 1200/-

Include Deluxe Room Accommodation, Swimming Pool, Open Garden 1 breakfast, 2 biscuits with tea or coffee, 1 buffet lunch facility subject to room availability.

Patil Resort Couple Package (AC)

Non AC: 2200/-/-

Timings: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

The room is subject to availability

Patil Resort Couple Packages

Non AC: Rs.1800/-

Timings: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

The room is subject to availability

: 1 Breakfast, 2 Tea or Coffee, 1 Buffet Lunch (Vegetarian or Non-Veg), Non AC Room.

most frequently asked questions

What Is Patil Resort in Virar Entry Fees?

Answer: In Patil resort, you will have to pay a one-day package of Rs 600, a one-day child package of Rs 400, couple package of Rs 1800.

How to book Patil Resort online?

Ans: You can book online from the official website of Patil Resort Or you can also make a cash payment.

How to reach Patil Resort from Virar station?

Ans: Patil Resort is only 15 minutes away from Virar Railway Station and nearby Arnala Beach. Only one and half hour drive from Mumbai by road or local train.

Patil resort in Virar contact number 

Ans: The address of Patil Resort is Arnala Beach, Dhaspada, Arnala, Virar (W), Taluka Vasai, Distt. Palghar, Virar, Maharashtra 401302, India and Patil resort Virar phone number 9881633939, 9850662701, 9881371117, 8087175535, 9822486184.


This concludes our post on Patil Resort in Virar West. Unlike Sagar Resort, the entry fee here is high, however, the swimming pool and slides here are better so that you can experience more fun and adventure. Patil Resort is also quite popular, so you may find it overcrowded here, especially on weekends. If you want to experience a peaceful place, then do not come at all on the weekend.

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