Sakshi Garg IAS Biography: IAS Exam is such an examination which is seen as a prestigious examination of the country, it also has a lot of craze among the youth, the candidates preparing for UPSC examination day and night pass the pre and mains examination. Let’s do it. After which they are called for the interview round. Everyone wants to get a good job and make a good house, this is the dream of most middle-class family students and to fulfill this dream, students turn to government jobs the most. And UPSC comes at the top of it. And the toughest exam is the Civil Services exam itself.

Today we are going to talk about one such IAS officer named Sakshi Garg, who got this success at the age of just 22, which is the only and first such success in itself in Robertsganj of the entire Sonbhadra district. We are going to tell you about the same personality. Who had shown him at a very young age by doing the work which takes years for someone to do the work? Yes, in IAS Sakshi Garg, at the age of only 22, the Union Public Service Commission, which is considered the most difficult in the world, has secured the 350th rank in the examination.

IAS Sakshi Garg of Robertsganj, the district headquarters of the tribal-dominated district Sonbhadra, has got success in the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). She secured the 350th rank in the country, Sakshi Garg’s father’s name is Krishna Kumar Garg, and his eldest daughter Sakshi Garg got her education up to 10th standard from Sant Xavier’s Higher Secondary School in the city itself. After passing with 76.1 percent marks in the year 2010, he did his intermediate studies at Prakash Genius Inter College.

Sakshi Garg IAS Biography

In the year 2012, she got 81.4 percent marks while studying in Mathematics subject. After this, she did her graduation from Government Women’s Degree College, Robertsganj. In this, he got 61 percent marks after studying at the Faculty of Arts. After completing her graduation in the year 2015, she started preparing for the Union Public Service Commission. She sat in the exam for the first time but she did not get success, but she did not get success.

Appeared again in the year 2017 and got 350th rank. The family members are very happy with this success achieved at the age of just 22. Sakshi’s father says that it was my own dream to become an IAS. But when my dream did not come true, I inspired my daughter to move forward in this direction. She worked hard and got success.

In fact, Sakshi Garg, a resident of the Robertsganj area of ​​Sonbhadra, says that after graduation she decided to come to Delhi. When she told her father that she wanted to become an IAS officer by reading and writing, her father supported Sakshi a lot. Sakshi’s father Krishna Kumar Garg is a businessman by profession, and her mother Renu Garg is a domestic lady.

IAS Sakshi Garg marksheet

1) Essay (Paper 1)=149

Sakshi Garg IAS general studies paper Mark’s:

1)General Studies – I =113

2)General Studies – II =99

3)General Studies – III =121

4)General Studies – IV =8

Sakshi Garg IAS Optional paper:

Optional – 1 (history 6 )=131

Optional – 2 (history 7)=170

Written total = 863

Personality( interview)test =157

Sakshi Garg IAS(Total) = 1020

Union Public Service Commission

On the question of UPSC IAS preparation, She has told that after getting 81 percent marks in Inter, she had decided to prepare for the Indian Administrative Service in her mind. But due to a lack of good means to prepare for competitive exams in Robertsganj, she has decided to wait till graduation.

Sakshi Garg IAS told that his father wanted to become an IAS. But due to some reason, she could not fulfill his dream. That’s why she not only prepared Sakshi mentally for the Union Public Service Commission but also supported her at every step. Sakshi’s father Krishna Kumar Garg told that she himself wanted to become an IAS, but when his dream was not fulfilled, she inspired the daughter to move forward in this direction.

IAS Sakshi Garg Posting

IAS Sakshi Garg is appointed as an Assistant Commissioner in the Indian Revenue Service (IRS) in 2019 and stays in Faridabad, Uttar Pradesh.

This life-changing event happened after she gave an interesting answer to one of the interview questions, which delighted the interviewers so much that she was immediately given the posting.

Father’s dream was to become an IAS

Sakshi told me that my father-in-law wanted to become an IAS, but due to some reason he could not fulfill his dream, so as soon as I said that I want to become an IAS, he agreed without any question, so he always asked Sakshi for UPSC. Not only prepared me mentally but also supported me at every step.

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FAQ About Sakshi Garg

Q1 Is She Is an IAS Officer? 

Ans. Yes.

Q2 Where is Sakshi Garg’s IAS posting?

Ans. She is appointed as an Assistant Commissioner in the Indian Revenue Service in 2019 and stays in Faridabad, UP.

Q3 What is the optional subject of Sakshi Garg?

Ans. She chooses History subject as optional.

Q4 What is the birthdate of Sakshi Garg?

Ans. 8 March 1990.

Q5 What is Sakshi Garg’s father’s name?

Ans. Mr. Krishna Kumar Garg.


Sakshi Garg does not shy away from telling about her experience, she says that if you work on a goal, then you have to stick to only one goal. You have to focus on one thing at a time. After that you will see that you will get your goal. No matter how difficult the task may be.