Vikalp Bhardwaj IAS Biography Marksheet Optional And more

Vikalp Bhardwaj IAS has been selected for the Indian Civil Service of the Union Public Service Commission. The special thing is that he has created a record for Badaun by achieving this feat with 85th rank. Vikalp is a native of Baratekhdar village in the district. 

He studied up to class six from Maharishi Vidya Mandir in the city and 12th from Nightingale School. After that, he went to IIT Delhi. After doing B. Tech, he prepared for Civil Services, and this year he achieved great success in his second attempt.

After the declaration of the final result of the Indian Civil Services by the Union Public Service Commission, there is an atmosphere of celebration in the native village of Vikalp. The family members distributed sweets in the village on this achievement. 

His uncle Awadhesh Sharma, the operator of the roadways, described the success of his nephew as a big achievement for his family and said that Vikalp has made the big dream of all of us come true. 

Awadhesh told that in the first attempt of the Indian Civil Services, the vikalps had reached the interview but in the second attempt he could succeed. When the result came, the vikalp were in Delhi. 

His father Arvind Kumar is an Under Engineer in Moradabad Housing Development. One of his uncles Shashikant Sharma is working as ADO Panchayat in Wazirganj.

There is a saying that if you read about the experiences or struggles of others, you get to learn many things. You learn from their failure and success. 

You can use their techniques in your work and achieve your goals. For this reason, biographies of successful people are read by many people.

Similarly, students who are preparing to become IAS officers are also suggested to read about successful people, how they got their start, what marks they got and where are their current postings. 

In this post, we will tell you about Vikalp Bhardwaj's IAS. You will also get to see many experiences from the aspects of his life, as well as you will also get motivation.

Nothing is impossible if the intentions are strong

Vikalp born on February 6, 1992, believes that nothing is impossible if the intentions are strong. With this passion, he has succeeded in IAS. By making a goal, complete dedication towards it was his motto. 

Yes, he got the full support of the family. After doing BTech from IIT Delhi, he appeared in the Civil Services by reaching the interview in the first attempt but continued to try for the second attempt and made his and his family's dream come true by getting success from 85th rank. 

His father Arvind Kumar Bhardwaj told that the success of his son is the result of his dedication and dedication. Vikalp's elder sister Richa is married.

Schools Also Expressed Happiness

Dr. Rochan Rawat, Principal of Maharishi Vidya Mandir said that the name of our college has also elevated with the success of Vikalp. We wish all the best to such promising students. Along the lines of vikalps other students will also be able to achieve success. 

At the same time, Sarla Swaroop, Founder of Nightingale School, says that we are proud of the success of Vikalp. Such children become an inspiration for our college.

Vikalp Bhardwaj IAS Biography Marksheet Optional & more

It was not an easy task for Vikalp Bhardwaj to start IAS preparation and ranking 87, with his passion and hard work, he was able to clear the Civil Services Examination. 

The journey from preparing for the civil services exam to becoming an IAS officer is a beautiful path if you have the desire to serve the nation with dedication, persistence, and dedication. 

If you want to become an IAS officer then you have to step out of your comfort zone. You have to have determination only then you will be able to achieve your goal.

Since the cadre where you will be assigned may not necessarily be your home cadre, where you are born and brought up, and where you once loved it may be far from the place with Vikalp Bharadwaj The same happened, where he was given the Kerala cadre. But his home cadre was in Gujarat.

Vikalp Bhardwaj IAS Marksheet

You will be intrigued to know about the marks that Vikalp Bhardwaj got in the UPSC examination. This is how you get the marks for the UPSC examination


Kerala to Gujarat

One very interesting and interesting thing that you will be surprised to know is that after training in Missouri, he was posted in Kerala itself. But his current posting is in Gujarat which is his home care. Would you like to know how it happened?

The 2016 batch of IAS officers, on their first assignment, had around 156 candidates. This batch set a record for 6 married couples. Where a couple is Vikalp Bharadwaj and Pooja Yadav who are from the 2018 batch.

Pooja Yadav was given Gujarat cadre and Vikalp Bhardwaj also got home cadre Gujarat. Pooja Yadav was ranked 157th. And in today's time, Pooja Yadav has also become a motivational speaker. 

We are not sure how many people are destined for such a roller-coaster way to serve their home place as an IAS officer. It has been in discussion everywhere. Since then both the IAS officers are enjoying their life.

Strategy To Follow vikalp bhardwaj ias 

It takes a lot of hard work and courage to become an IAS officer and similarly when you are preparing for this prestigious post, you have to study hard till midnight, keep away from the rest of your idle time. And make good use of your time. 

Apart from this, you will also be under pressure to clear the exam in your first attempt. And under this pressure, you have to prepare for the important syllabus of UPSC exam. 

How would you be able to do this? Since it is possible for humans to achieve whatever they want, they just need to devise a good strategy to achieve the goal.

 1. Know the syllabus thoroughly

Your first task is to write down the entire syllabus of different subjects on a paper and paste that sheet in a place where you can read it easily. You must memorize the syllabus well

 2. Make Notes vikalp bhardwaj ias biography

If you are not in the habit of making notes then you should start now, making notes helps you in preparing for the Civil Services Exam. 

Notes are very useful at the time of revision when it is impossible to re-read the entire syllabus, instead, you practice only the important points.

3. Research

Research is the backbone of IAS preparation, you have to make research in your daily routine from beginning to end. You have to research to learn from the experience of IAS officers like Vikalp Bhardwaj.

Vikalp Bhardwaj IAS married to IPS Pooja Yadav

Vikalp Bhardwaj married IPS on 18 February in 2018. The two met for the first time at the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration in Mussoorie. Pooja's husband Vikalp is a 2016 batch officer. 

Presently she is posted in Kerala cadre, but after marriage she has applied for a transfer to the Gujarat cadre. Pooja is also very active on social media and has around 2.5 lakh followers on Instagram. Pooja considers social media to be a great way to interact with the public and express her views.


Learning from others' failures and others' successful techniques is the first step to start IAS preparation. This type of practice gives you information about what are the reasons and what not to do during the preparation of the paper. 

With such a biography, you can see the right direction of working. You also get to know the mark sheet and how to get the result of UPSC exam.

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