Love Knows No Borders: The Ultimate Guide to UK Spouse Visas in the UK in 2023″!

When two people want to spend their whole life together it is called love, and love knows no boundaries. However, multiple obstacles can come across in the path of couples when they want to start their new life together in the Queen’s land. Well, the United Kingdom has complex immigration rules that can be challenging for non-EU couples. Before you make your way to the United Kingdom to stay over there with your British spouse or partner, you will have to acquire a spouse visa UK. This visa route allows you to enter the United Kingdom and start a new life with your loved ones. But wait a minute, this journey can’t be as smooth as it looks like. To acquire this visa route, you may have to get along with an immigration solicitor.

Here in this particular article, we will uncover some of the essential aspects of this ultimate visa route. In this article, we will provide an ultimate guide to acquiring this visa in 2023.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for Spouse Visa UK?

Before understanding the eligibility criteria of this visa route, it is vital to understand the basics of this visa route. Well, with the initial spouse visa, you can stay in the United Kingdom for two and a half years. After completing this period of time, you can extend your visa for the next two and a half years. Hence, altogether you can stay in the United Kingdom for five years through a spouse visa route. Once you pass this period of time, you can even apply for permanent residency and British citizenship as well. Now let’s go through the eligibility criteria of this visa route.

  • Must Meet the Relationship Requirements

To acquire a spouse visa UK you must demonstrate that you and your partner or spouse are in a genuine relationship. To meet the relationship requirements, a marriage or civil certificate is essential if you are not married. The UK government always want to ensure that applicant for this visa route is genuine and not faking their relationship status in front of the UKVI. If the UK Home Office come across any kind of divergence in your visa application, there is a strong possibility that they may refuse your visa application.

  • Must Meet the Financial Requirements

To obtain a spouse visa UK, it is essential that you must meet the financial requirements of the UK visas and immigration authorities. While meeting this requirement, you must demonstrate that you and your spouse or partner are able to support your stay in the UK. It is crucial to know that you can not avail of the government and public funds to support your stay in the United Kingdom. To prove your financial stability, you can attach your joint bank statements, salary slips and other supporting documents to your application. You can also showcase your other savings to the UKVI to prove your financial stability.

  • Meet the Language Requirements

Meeting English language requirements is another essential eligibility criteria to obtain this visa route. You must pass the English language test to demonstrate that you are able to speak, write and understand the English language.The UK government ensures that every applicant of this visa route must pass the A1 level of English proficiency test. It is essential for you to pass the test if you want to apply for this visa route.

  • Accommodation Requirement

To apply for this visa route it is essential that as a couple you must have a accomodation in the United Kingdom. You have to provide a solid proof of your suitable stay in the UK without relying on government resources or public funds. While applying for a spouse visa it is essential that you must have a right place to live in the UK.

How to Apply for Spouse Visa UK?

Applying for a UK spouse visa is one of the most crucial steps. You can apply for this visa route through the UK government official website. In this application form you have to provide your personal details such as your name, date of birth, profession etc. Along with the personal details you also have to provide the relationship details such as your spouse name, their professional details, contact number, marriage date, etc. Along with these essential details you can also provide other supporting documents to make your application stronger. Other than that once you submit your visa application you have to attend the biometrics appointment. Here you will have to provide your biometric details such as your fingerprint and your photograph. While applying for this visa route you will also be required to provide all the supporting documents such as a marriage certificate, passport, bank statements and English language certificate. Must attach all these certificates along with your visa application.

However, if you find the application process challenging and time consuming you can take help from immigration solicitors. There are various immigration law firms in the UK such as A Y & J Solicitors. They have a tremendous team of experienced solicitors who can help you with your visa application.

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