Stock market transactions and trading has become a norm these days. With the market growing and flourishing, everyone wants to trade and generate profits. Different platforms charge fees and subscription amounts to facilitate trading. However, it is possible to transact in the market with the best trading platform with no fees. It helps to feel independent while trading as there is no financial cess or charges while you trade in stocks. There are various online platforms available today for online trading. It becomes a challenge to select the best platform and put your trust in them by giving them control over your funds. These platforms have different schemes which entice customers and lure them to invest through them. It is advisable to select trustworthy and well-established names for trading and earning in the stock market.

Let us evaluate some of the best-known names for trading online in stocks and earn without paying any fees:

  1. ZerodhaTrading Account: Considered to be very popular among investors, Zerodha’s Zero Brokerage Account is preferred by swing traders alike. They buy stocks and sell them after a short interval of a few days to earn profits and maximize their returns.
  2. Upstox Trading Account: Another discount broker which offers free accounts for trading online is Upstox which is also a platform for investors to try their luck at transacting in the stock market and earn profits.
  3. Angel Broking: One agency that remodelled its product to adjust to the demand of the market is Angel Broking as they broke off from the cliché charged account to offering a free online trading platform to its clients.
  4. Share Khan: Offering multifaceted platforms which allow for a free account with its various schemes under the primary brand, Share Khan is a name to reckon with. In addition to a free online trading facility, it also provides long-term investing options for its clients. By providing the facility tested by expert trading enthusiasts, it offers a plethora of investing and earning options for everyone.
  5. SAS Online: Providing facilities for trading in commodities, currencies, derivatives and stocks, SAS Online is another free-of-charge platform for online transactions and trades. The platform has a wider reach and is available at various locations for the convenience of the customers. Thus it gives a convenient method to trade without paying any charges.

Trading in various instruments to earn and gain the benefit of fluctuations in the market conditions is a common phenomenon and many people opt for different platforms to accomplish this. While trading in stocks and other instruments, you must be aware of the extra payouts you end up giving as charges for transacting, buying or even maintenance charges. These charges reduce your earnings and hamper your profit margins. Earning profits due to market variations requires an approach that is focused towards maximizing returns and minimizing costs, which can be achieved by eliminating the charges paid to the facilitators. So go for the best online broker for long-term investing options and choose the best platform to earn high returns.