What is WBT, and how much does it cost now?

In August 2022, the largest European crypto exchange WhiteBIT issued its token – WhiteBIT Token. The coin immediately attracted the attention of not only analysts but also investors. WhiteBIT Token is a full-fledged infrastructure element of the crypto exchange ecosystem, integrated into all its services. It integrates the exchange ecosystem with other crypto solutions, making it easier for users to interact on the platform.

Benefits of the WhiteBIT token

WhiteBIT Token holders enjoy numerous benefits within the WhiteBIT crypto exchange ecosystem, in particular:

  • Discount on trading fees (when using WhiteBIT Token to pay exchange trading fees). Depending on the number of tokens, the discount on maker fees can range from 10% to 100%, while the taker fees can range from 5% to 80%.
  • Free daily withdrawal of ERC-20/ETH funds. Every day, the user receives several withdrawals of ERC-20 standard tokens without commission.
  • Referral commission. Referral rewards increase increased up to 50%.
  • Free daily AML checks. For WBT cryptocurrency holders, the AML address verification tool for involvement in money laundering becomes free.
  • Limited issue. The supply of tokens is limited to 400,000,000 WBT. In the future, developers do not plan to create new tokens. This means that WBT value will grow in the future.
  • Growth opportunities. WBT crypto is in consistently high demand among the already-formed audience of the exchange. Thanks to this, traders can make good money (on pre-purchase, use of the token itself, and daily trading). Investors in the future can profit from the growth in the token’s value. According to the developers’ plans, in the future, WBT crypto will become not only a good asset but also a platform for blockchain startups.

The WBT to USDT exchange is an excellent opportunity for ordinary traders and professional crypto investors to earn money.

According to WBT price on WhiteBIT, the coin is trading at $5,242.The daily trading volume is USD 4.45M. WBT to USDT price is updated 24/7.

Where to buy WhiteBIT Tokens?

You can buy a service token on the website of one of the largest European cryptocurrency exchanges, WhiteBIT. Over the years, it has become one of the leading crypto exchanges with 3+ million users worldwide.

WhiteBIT offers unique passive income tools, the most popular and effective trading orders for spot and margin trading, a referral program, and the lowest trading fees on the market. With WhiteBIT, you can exchange WBT to USDT on the most favorable terms.

The crypto exchange uses internal and external tools, including rewards for activity on the platform, trading tournaments, airdrops, and cooperation with influencers to promote WBT and increase the loyalty of holders. With WhiteBIT, you can find out WBT crypto price in seconds.

WBT will become a new impetus for the development of the crypto community and open up new horizons for each user of the WhiteBIT exchange.

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