A Complete Guide to Setting Up a Game Room

For centuries, poker has been a game that is both popular and beloved. For decades, people from all walks of life and backgrounds have sat down to a variety of poker games and enjoyed it with all different kinds of players.

For many people, setting up a poker room in their home, garage, or other area is a longtime dream. And then others are interested in designing a more serious room for hosting professional or business poker games. In either case, there is a lot more to think about than just the essentials like tables, ceramic poker chips, and chairs. However, today we will be focusing more on the recreational home poker room.

Location of the Room

If you don’t have a space that you can fully dedicate to a poker room, such as in an apartment, any area where you can easily create open space is a perfect spot for a poker table, especially with table covers that are octagon-shaped. If you live in a larger home, any spare bedroom can be used as a poker room. However, dens, libraries, studies, basements, and garages are usually the best choices.

Essential Poker Accessories


Ceramic poker chips are always the best option for an authentic poker game. The way they feel in your hand, the way they sound when they splash the pot; these are things that no plastic chips can replicate.


When it comes to chairs, comfort is the most important factor, style should be secondary. Nobody is going to ever see these chairs except your poker buddies so opt for ergonomic, well-cushioned designs.


Quality plastic cards such as those found in the casino are much stronger and more durable than paper cards. They also shuffle and deal better as they slide easier and glide smoother on the table.

An Entertainment System Setup

Of course, poker is the main focus of any poker room. However, you should have a background entertainment setup of some kind. A TV with a sports game on, or some lighter music helps provide an active atmosphere and offers players a chance to shift their attention to something else and give their eyes (and brains) a break.

Game Etiquette and House Rules

While most home games are very friendly and casual, it is still important to have a few firm house rules in place regarding certain situations. This lets players know upfront what they can expect should any common discrepancy arise. Examples of house rules might include limits to table talk, one-player-per-hand, betting limits, how to settle misdeals, etc.

Finding Quality Ceramic Poker Chips and Other Accessories

Now that you have a more thorough idea of everything involved in creating the ideal poker room for your home, the next step is purchasing the right accessories and putting them all together.

Remember, you want to create a space that is private enough for everyone to enjoy the game but also welcoming and social enough for everyone to have a good time. Online poker accessory providers often have the largest selections with the best prices.

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