Car Finder 4g: Your Ultimate Guide To This Game-changing Technology

Car Finder 4G utilizes GPS to quickly locate available parking spots and help locate your car in stadium lots or garages. Furthermore, this tool tracks driving behavior – something which could prove invaluable for parents of teenage drivers or businesses operating a fleet vehicle fleet.

The PAJ FINDER App, available for iOS and Android smartphones, serves as its Smartphone Companion application. Furthermore, 4G LET-M connectivity enables wide network coverage as well as multiple vehicle tracking functions.


No matter if it is tracking a family car or commercial fleet, this GPS tracker can keep you updated about its location. With its simple install design and long battery life, this unit makes daily use a breeze – offering Live tracking devices and 365 Days of Route Information features for added peace of mind.

Geofencing, another feature of this device, enables users to set virtual boundaries on a map and receive alerts if a vehicle passes outside these bounds. This tool can be particularly helpful for parents concerned about teenage drivers as well as businesses wanting to monitor driver performance and efficiency.

Another fantastic feature of this product is its 15-second update timer, which keeps the server informed of your car’s location in real-time. This can help those who travel frequently avoid getting lost or being stolen by keeping track of where their car is.


GPS trackers offer unparalleled security and peace of mind, no matter if it is your personal vehicle or a business fleet that you need to monitor. Their long-lasting batteries ensure they will always be working when required, with their simple-to-use interface making the device user-friendly for any age or ability level. Plus, their discreet design means it can be placed discreetly within any vehicle without drawing unwanted attention to itself. There are multiple Benefits Of using GPS Device.

PAJ GPS Tracker VEHICLE Finder 4G 1.0 offers another useful feature called geofencing that lets you set virtual boundaries or safety zones that you will receive an alert about whenever one or more vehicles enter or leave them – making this feature particularly helpful in protecting vehicle security as well as the wellbeing of children or workers.

The VEHICLE Finder 4G 2.0 comes equipped with an ignition alert to help protect against theft or unauthorized usage of your vehicle. It will notify you as soon as it detects that your ignition has been switched on or off so you can take immediate action to stop theft and misuse of your car.


Car Finder 4G GPS trackers offer an ideal solution to anyone concerned about vehicle theft, or who wants to keep an eye on their children as they drive around. Simply plugging them into the OBD port of any vehicle will connect it directly with mobile networks so you can see its current location at all times; geo zones or geo fences allow you to set notifications when the device leaves that specific area; this makes them perfect for keeping tabs on when your children leave home for school runs or shopping trips.

The device features an unobtrusive design and can easily be hidden away in glove compartments or under seats without drawing too much attention to itself. Equipped with rechargeable batteries for up to 365-days battery life and an M2M SIM card to connect directly with 4G networks worldwide, it provides motion, radius and speed alerts as well as roadside assistance access via Audi MMI displays.

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