The Luvme Hair Ultimate Guide About Curly Human Hair Bundles

Bundles are a sweet and long-lasting way to wear something different from your natural hair. You can also use them as a form of protective hairstyle. Human hair is becoming more and more popular because of the numerous advantage that it offers.

Curly hair is just one of the many textures, but it’s popular because of its attractive look. Plus, it’s also a decent way to disguise volume and depth. Curly human hair bundles are one of the best fashion investments you can make.

Luvme Hair is a top wig store where you can get quality curly human hair bundles at amazingly fair prices. This guide will educate you on all you need to know about the brand’s curly hair. You’ll understand what they are, their advantages, and how to maintain them.

Table Of Contents

  • What are Curly Human Hair Bundles?
  • Advantages of Curly Human Hair Bundles?
  • How to Install Luvme Hair Curly Human Hair Bundles?
  • How to Maintain Your Curly Human Hair Bundles?
  • Who Can Wear Luvme Hair Curly Human Hair Bundles?
  • Conclusion

What are Curly Human Hair Bundles?

Hair bundles are a set of hair tied together at the top and free-flowing at the button intended for weaves.

Human hair bundles are those that comprise 100% human hair. These hair originate from different parts of the world and are classified based on their area of origin. Therefore, there are the Vietnamese, Brazilian, Indian, Eurasian, Peruvian, and Malaysian. All these bundles differ in quality and price, with Indian hair being the most popular.

Curly human hair bundles are those with a curly texture. These bundles are designed to mimic the texture of naturally curly hair and will look so from the moment you purchase them until installation. Aside from the breathtaking beauty, they add volume and depth.

Curly human hair bundles can be regular or come with frontals or closures. The bundles with frontals or closures give you a more natural-looking hairline than the regular ones. However, you should note that they’re more expensive as well.

Advantages of Curly Human Hair Bundles?

Curly human hair bundles have many advantages, and here are some of them.

  • It Makes You Stand Out

Straight is the most popular hair texture type and is barely noticeable because almost everyone wears it. However, a well-installed curly hair bundle will surely turn heads as it’s not as common as a straight-textured one. A pro tip if you’re a lady who likes to be in control.

  • Gives You Volume and Depth

Curly hair bundles are known to give you the illusion that your hair is fuller than it looks, although it reduces the length.

  • It’s Long Lasting

Luvme Hair hair bundles can last for up to three years. All you have to do is to ensure that you follow the best maintenance practices and use high-quality products when you do so.

  • They’re Low Commitment

Bundles give you a low-commitment hairstyle because you can wear them how you want. You can go with the easy-to-remove attachment style and only wear it for a few weeks. Sew-in installation can also let you carry your curly human hair bundles for months.

You can also explore color options and dye your bundles to match because they’re 100% human hair.

How to Install Luvme Hair Curly Human Hair Bundles?

Bundles are raw hair, which you must install if you want to use them well. There are many ways to install Luvme Hair curly human hair bundles, but glue-in, sew-in, and clip-in installations are the three most common.

  • Clip-Ins

You should go for clip-ins if you want an easy-to-install style. The bundle is attached to your hair via clips. Clip-ins last comparatively shorter than the rest of the methods. You can also remove them easily, making them a top option for ladies who like to remove their extensions regularly.

  • Sew-Ins

Sew-ins are the most popular way to wear human hair bundles. The hair is attached by carefully sewing the wefts to your braided natural hair using a needle and thread. This installation method is more long-lasting than clip-ins and can last months.

  • Glued Ins

Glued-in installation is what you think it is; attaching the bundles to your hair using adhesives. You can do it by gluing the hair into a wig cap or doing it directly to your natural hair.

It’s the least safe installation method due to the side effects of the adhesive on your scalp. You should avoid this method if you’re allergic to using glues on your hair. This installation type can last up to two months.

These are some ways to install human hair bundles. Installing them yourself is hard, especially if you’re a beginner. Your best bet is to take the bundles to a hairstylist and let them do their job.

How to Maintain Your Curly Human Hair Bundles?

Here are some tips on how to care for your curly human hair bundles.

  • Wash It Properly

You must wash the weave regularly to give it the best chance of lasting as long as possible. Wash them before and after installation if you intend to keep them on for weeks or months.

You should use quality products on the bundles and follow the correct maintenance routines. Most brands will include washing instructions for the products on the packaging, like the types of products to use and like, and you should follow them religiously.

  • Observe Good After Installation Care

Protect your bundles when you sleep, exercise, or expose them to hot sun. You can wear a silk or satin scarf or even a hat. A pillowcase made with similar materials works wonders when you sleep.

Also, you’ll need to detangle it frequently if it tangles. You can detangle the bundles with your hand and must be careful with the strands.

  • Avoid Exposing the Bundles to Heat

Heat styling tools can work with curly hair, but it’s best if you avoid them altogether. Constant use of heat styling tools might affect the unit later. If you must, use a heat protectant to minimize the effect.


Curly human hair bundles are one of your best options if you’re looking for a natural and charming look. You can get them at Luvme Hair and install them however you want. Remember to care for your hair properly because it’s the only way to get the best out of it. You can start exploring your options by visiting the Luvme Hair website today!

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