About Us

 About Us 

Hello Friends All of you are welcome to the Facts blog in Hindi. First of all, I give information about myself to all of you. I am a resident of Chhattisgarh. I like to help people in any way and I want to help people in the website. try my best to help online.

I am in a collage right now. a. I am a second year student. I keep on putting whatever work information I have in this blog along with studies. I am very fond of playing cricket along with blogging. I have been playing cricket since childhood. When I go to my village So I play cricket everyday with friends.

Friends, all of you are very much welcome in CGNEWZ Blog, we have created this website for those who search online about Picnic Spot, Resort, Water Park or Traveling. We try to give the best information for them in our website and we feel that we are able to give good information to the people in our site.

This website has started in a very strange way, first I started this site to give study tips but I thought that I can write about the best travel. So I started writing about travel and biography in it and I love it now.

And if you want to know about our website or want to know about any picnic spot, then you can contact us and ask.

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